CTC Ramp

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Our metal trims accommodate tile, carpet, vinyl of all kinds, wood and stone flooring, helping designers and architects create a lasting, beautiful project, as well as making installation much easier for the contractor.

CTC Ramp

The CTC Ramp, Ramp XL and Ramp XLK are anodized aluminum reducers designed to provide increased impact resistance at the edge of the tile or stone, while also offering the installer an option of a smooth transition for a varied level floor layout. The many features include a reduction to 1/8″ or 0″ from a 3/8″ height, a version with an anchoring leg and one without (which installers can glue with a construction adhesive or mechanically fasten), and ADA compliance for all three designs. The CTC Ramps are easy to install and offer a consistent look with tread lines for existing flooring as well as new commercial construction projects.

  • The CTC Ramp and Ramp XL are intended to transition from 3/8″ flooring to 1/8″ flooring
  • The CTC Ramp XLK from 3/8″ down to 0″
  • Commercial floor applications where hard surface floors meet carpet, vinyl or concrete
  • The CTC Ramp and Ramp XLK have an anchoring leg
  • The CTC Ramp XL can be used in projects with existing floors

CTC Ramp


Ramp – 3/8″ x 1/8″

Ramp XLK



XLK Ramp – 3/8″ x 1-3/8″


From left to right: Anodized Aluminum (Clear), Champagne (CHA), Light Bronze (BZ), Medium Bronze (MB), Dark Bronze (DB) and Black (BLK). Not all finish options are stock items, some are custom colors. Please call for more information. What is Anodizing?Anodized Trim Colors

Provide anodized aluminum transition where non-level flooring surfaces meet. Must meet ADA Guidelines. Height to match tile, stone or wood thickness. Available in clear & bronze finish. Manufacturer – Ceramic Tool Company


Height Width Product Code
3/8" - 10mm 1" CTC RAMP
3/8" - 10mm 1-3/8" CTC RAMP XLK
3/8" - 10mm 1" CTC RAMP XL
  • CTC Ramp is sold in 94" lengths

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