14 Reducer

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Our metal trims accommodate tile, carpet, vinyl of all kinds, wood and stone flooring, helping designers and architects create a lasting, beautiful project, as well as making installation much easier for the contractor.

CTC 14 Reducer

CTC 14 Reducer is an aluminum transition designed for a carpet reduction to vinyl or concrete application. In addition to the ¼” metal lip that protects the edge of the carpet, the Reducer also features a sloped anchoring leg that avoids the need for flashing off the metal leg. Only 1 5/16” wide, the CTC 14 Reducer is ADA compliant, and offers the floor contractor a smooth and easy installation for both commercial and residential construction projects.

  • Designed for glue down carpet or vinyl to concrete floors
  • Offers 1/4″ reveal to protect the edge of the carpet or vinyl
  • Anchoring leg has slight pitch to reduce the amount of flashing needed when installing soft surface flooring
  • Gradual slope to concrete offers easier transition for foot and wheel traffic

14 Reducer Drawing


1/4″ (H) to 0″ x 1 5/16″ (W)

From left to right: Anodized Aluminum (Clear), Champagne (CHA), Light Bronze (BZ), Medium Bronze (MB), Dark Bronze (DB) and Black (BLK). What is Anodizing? Anodized Trim Colors

Provide anodized aluminum transition where non-level flooring surfaces meet. Must meet ADA Guidelines. Height to match tile, stone or wood thickness. Manufacturer – Ceramic Tool Company

Height Width Product Code
1/4" 1 5/16" CTC 14 Reducer
  • CTC Reducer is sold in 94" lengths

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