Expansion Joint

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Our metal trims accommodate tile, carpet, vinyl of all kinds, wood and stone flooring, helping designers and architects create a lasting, beautiful project, as well as making installation much easier for the contractor.

Expansion Joint

CTC Joints are pre-fabricated caulk joints designed for use over control and cold joints in new construction as well as renovations in commercial and residential projects. Because they are fully cured upon installation, you don’t have to worry about adhesion, or the time and cost of waiting on a job site for your joints to harden without dirt or uneven settling.

  • Vertical and horizontal applications, floors and cladding
  • Interior and exterior surfaces
  • Retail, factories, schools and commercial applications where large areas of tile, stone or wood are common installations

The CTC Joint is resistant to wear, abrasion, penetration and puncture; the anodized aluminum sides protect your tile against chipping by taking the weight off the edges. It also withstands movement without distortion or failure: the sealant allows 25% shift, overall around 1/16” movement. With the wide variety of color sealants available, as well as multiple heights, the CTC Expansion Joint is the easiest decision to make for your flooring project.

  • Sealant: Forty (40) popular colors are stocked
  • Over three hundred (300) custom colors available
  • Aluminum: Clear and bronze anodized finishes

Expansion Joint Drawing


  • Locate CTC Joint in tile or stone surfaces directly \ above joints in sub-floor
  • Full length may be fastened to sub-floor using a construction adhesive
  • Trowel setting material making sure there is full coverage over the entire leg
  • To ensure a smooth transition, mortar bed may be feathered off both sides of joint
  • Set tile up against the joint making sure that the top edge of the CTC Joint is flush or slightly (1/16″) below the top of the tile
  • Grout the surface as usual

Provide prefabricated caulk joint consisting of two solid extruded “L” angles with factory installed two part polyurethane sealant, color to match grout joint color, specified by architect. Height to match tile, stone or wood thickness. Available in clear & bronze finish. Manufacturer – Ceramic Tool Company

Expansion Joint Drawing

HOW TO RADIUS CTC Trims and Transitions can easily be modified and installed in a radius or curve using the following directions as a guide. Using a tin snips or other appropriate tool, cut the notches out of perforations in leg. The number of open holes required is dependent on the size of the radius. The more perforations that are cut the more bendable the product becomes. (If bending the CTC Joint, you will need to cut the leg on both sides.) Then slowly bend the CTC Trim into the desired arc. CTC Transitions can be shaped for inside or outside radiuses. We strongly suggest the use of a template to pre-shape transitions strips prior to installation. This will prevent “kinking” of materials. A template can be created out of any sturdy sheet material such as plywood or masonite.

Tile Thickness Product Code
5/16" - 8mm DXJ 1132
3/8" - 9mm DXJ 38
7/16" - 10mm DXJ 716
1/2" - 12mm DXJ 12
5/8" - 15mm DXJ 58
3/4" - 20mm DXJ 34
  • CTC Joint is sold in 94" lengths