Tile Setting Frames

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Our metal trims accommodate tile, carpet, vinyl of all kinds, wood and stone flooring, helping designers and architects create a lasting, beautiful project, as well as making installation much easier for the contractor.

Tile Setting Frames

A perfectly tiled floor takes time, expertise, patience and money. Unfortunately many commercial projects come up against the natural enemy of perfection: deadlines. Ceramic Tool Company recognizes this problematic issue and manufactures tile setting frames to accommodate a flawless layout and a fast paced project schedule.

Stack Joint Square




Stack Joint Square (SJ)
We usually keep 6″ x 6″ with standard 1/4″ or 3/16″ grout joint IN STOCK!

Running Bond Horizontal




Running Bond Horizontal (RB)

Square Basket




Square Basket (SB)

Custom dimensions and leg sizes available. Call Today!

Pocket Size = Inside Dimension to Outside Dimension
The steel takes 1/8″ joint space, so we recommend a minimum joint size of 1/4″ to allow for variations in actual tile sizes.

Tile Frame Measure