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It’s rare that a flooring application perfectly reflects its specification – especially when it comes to transitioning.  Working with an existing floor that needs a protected edge, or a reduction you aren’t sure how to span? All the issues you run into DO have a solution – just call Ceramic Tool.

CT Carpet Trim

CT – Carpet Trim

Our most common carpet trim, the CT is a metal floor trim designed to protect both the carpet edge and the tile edge in primarily commercial floor applications. Learn more about CT.

MCT Carpet Trim

MCT – Modified Carpet Trim

Based on the original “CT” design, we modified the reveal of this anodized aluminum trim to be wider and thicker, adding strength to the transition where carpet meets hard surface. Learn more about MCT.

Backward Carpet Trim

BCT – Backwards Carpet Trim

In applications where tile/hard surface flooring already exists, our backwards carpet trim is a metal transition that offers protection from a fraying carpet as well as keeping the tile edge from chipping. Learn more about BCT.

CAT Carpet Trim

CAT – Carpet Trim

CAT metal carpet trim was designed as a transition between a hard surface – like ceramic tile, wood, or stone – to carpet. Learn more about CAT.

CTS Carpet Trim

CTS – Sloped Carpet Trim

Our “sloped” metal carpet trim offers the same function as our other carpet to hard surface transitions, but with a sharper and slightly wider 3/8” reveal to prevent fraying at the carpet’s edge. Learn more about Sloped Carpet Trim CTS.

CTV Carpet Trim

CTV – Carpet to Vinyl Trim

CTV metal carpet trim was designed to transition from carpet to vinyl, or other various soft surface flooring for primarily commercial construction applications. Learn more about CTV.

316 Reducer

CTC 316 Reducer

The CTC 316 Reducer is what we consider a soft surface trim. This Reducer is a metal transition with a lip that reduces from 3/16” carpet to 0”. Learn more about 316 Reducer.

CTC 18 Reducer

CTC 18 Reducer

The CTC 18 Reducer what we consider to be a soft surface trims. The CTC 18 reduces from 1/8” vinyl down to 0”. Learn more about 18 Reducer.

14 Reducer

CTC 14 Reducer

CTC 14 Reducer is an aluminum transition designed for a carpet reduction to vinyl or concrete application. In addition to the ¼” metal lip that protects the edge of the carpet, the Reducer also features a sloped anchoring leg that avoids the need for flashing off the metal leg. Learn more about CTC 14.

Products We Distribute

Products We Distribute

Ceramic Tool has been designing and manufacturing our own line of anodized aluminum flooring transitions for over 35 years. We also have the experience to know where to find the ones we don’t make. If you can’t find your specific transition in our product offering, call us and let us know. We distribute products for:
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