316 Reducer

CTC 316 Reducer

The CTC 316 Reducer is what we consider to be a soft surface trim: the 316 Reducer is a metal transition with a lip that reduces from 3/16” carpet to 0”. This anodized aluminum reducer is best suited for soft surface applications in commercial construction; it offers a far more durable solution than rubber and is ADA compliant. Our CTC Reducers can be both mechanically fastened into or glued on concrete with a construction adhesive, and both can be used with existing flooring or new construction.

Height Width Product Code
3/16" - 4.5mm 1 3/4" CTC 316 Reducer
  • CTC 316 Reducer is sold in 94" lengths

316 Reducer

Anodized Trim Colors

From left to right: Anodized Aluminum (Clear), Champagne (CHA), Light Bronze (BZ), Medium Bronze (MB), Dark Bronze (DB) and Black (BLK). Not all finish options are stock items, some are custom colors. Fasteners included are not available in colors. Please call for more information. What is Anodizing?

Provide anodized aluminum transition where non-level flooring surfaces meet. Must meet ADA Guidelines. Height to match tile, stone or wood thickness. Manufacturer – Ceramic Tool Company

Additional Soft Surface Profiles